1. Invoices must be paid in total and received by Saymor before delivery, otherwise the delivery can not take place.
  2. Cheques can now take 10-12 days to clear therefore, delivery can only take place after this time.
  3. We can not accept cash on delivery for insurance and security reasons.
  4. We accept payment by credit card over the phone and will send your receipt by Royal Mail.




  1. After the sale has been agreed in either of our branches we aim to get the item to you as fast as possible.  To do this we mostly use suppliers who make the items as soon as they receive our order.  Therefore it is not always possible to cancel an order if it has already been made or the manufacturer has already ordered parts to make the item.
  2. We will consider accepting a cancellation depending on the circumstances of each order.  
  3. Refunds will be made by cheque within two weeks of the cancellation.




  1. We usually give 2-3 hour time slots for delivery and we expect somebody to be available to accept items within that time.  If the delivery team find nobody is available after knocking and calling numbers given, the team will call the branch to register it as a customer failed delivery.  There will be a redelivery charge of £25.
  2. The majority of our deliveries are on time but we can not be held responsible for delays caused by adverse weather, traffic, mechanical failure or staff illness.  In these circumstances the relevant branch will inform you as soon as possible of any delays/cancelled drops.
  3. We advise preparing for our teams arrival by removing any items such as pictures and lamp shades that could be damaged. Putting old sheets or newspaper down particularly on wet days is advisable as the drivers wear steel toe capped boots for protection.  These should not be removed for the teams safety but shoe covers if available can be used.
  4. The team will expect there to be a space ready for them to put up an item if prearranged. Their schedule is timed so that they are at places at a specific time slot.  If they can’t erect the item they will have to move on so as not to be late for the following drops.




  1. All items must be disassembled and there must be a clear access for the delivery people to take the item out of your property.
  2. If the old furniture can not be removed perhaps because the house has been modified or removal will cause damage to the interior, the delivery team will not take the item.  It is not the responsibility of the team to cut/saw items to take them away.
  3. The items for collection must be of a reasonable state. Badly soiled, blood stained or wet items will be rejected by our team. In this case the branch would refund any money paid for disposal and you would have to dispose of it yourselves or through the council.
  4. If an item is not fit to take it away our team depending on the circumstances may be able to help put the item out of the way so the new item can be delivered.




  1. We will ask you to come back and reselect another mattress the same value or more expensive. 
  2. A charge of £25 will be applied to cover the second local delivery and exchange.  
  3. The returned mattress needs to have been covered with a mattress protector and be unmarked or damaged in anyway otherwise the item will not be exchanged. 
  4. We are unable to offer this service if the mattress was a special size, part of a zipped set, larger than 150cm width, if it was rolled and if the access to the room is difficult.
  5. Saymor reserves the right to refuse to exchange depending on the circumstances.