Improving Children’s Sleep Health


We all know that quality sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. The effects of not getting a sufficient amount of sleep are far reaching, and it has been linked to a variety of health issues from anxiety and depression, to obesity and heart disease. It’s for this reason that we believe the importance of good sleep should be instilled into children from a young age. 

 Sleep is essential in promoting growth and development in children. Dr Wendy Hall, Sleep Expert at University of British Columbia, told Science Daily: "Research tells us that kids who don't get enough sleep on a consistent basis are more likely to have problems at school and develop more slowly than their peers who are getting enough sleep."It’s important that kids have a regular, healthy sleep routine so that they are the healthiest that they can be and remain mindful of the importance of sleep as they move into adulthood. We’ve listed a few things that can help improve sleep for your children: 

Invest in a good mattress

 Buying a good quality mattress is one of the single most important things you can do to help create a healthy sleep space for your child. As it is such a vital purchase, we recommend that you come and visit us in store where a member of staff will be able to give expert advice and help you pick a mattress that is comfortable and supportive. We have a range of beds and mattresses that are suitable for children, so we’ll be able to help you distil everything down to find the best one to suit your needs.  


Read before bed 

We’re big fans of books. That’s why we run our book at bedtime feature, where we share different books for you to read before bed each month. There has been lots of research that links reading before bed with better quality sleep, so why not get the kids involved too? Just spending 15 minutes reading them a bedtime story can help them drift off to sleep much quicker, especially this time of year when the evenings are so light. Not to mention, reading also helps to boost their creativity and develop their imagination skills. 

Set a regular bedtime 

Routine is key. Setting a regular bedtime has been proven to help improve sleep health.It gives children a daily structure that establishes a basic kind of self-discipline, and it can be a time of warmth and connection between parents and children, especially when you enjoy the activity of reading together before bed. Wendy Hall reviewed the latest studies in this field and found that “adolescents whose parents set strict guidelines about their sleep slept better than kids whose parents didn't set any guidelines.” 

Read more about the importance of good sleep for children here and visit us in store to browse our range of beds and mattresses.