Why Shouldn’t I Buy My Mattress Online?


Today more and more items are being sold on the world wide web. From clothes and food, to experience days and courses, there really is no end to what we can purchase on the internet today. This can be really useful for certain products and services, but there are some items that are very risky to purchase from an online retailer. Mattresses are one of them. We are passionate about promoting good sleep health and providing the highest quality service to our customers. In a world where online retail is rapidly growing, we wanted to share why we truly believe that the best way to buy a new mattress is to visit a physical store. 

We’ve all experienced the dreaded internet hole – scrolling through pages and pages of products without actually coming any closer to finding what you want. With endless mattress options available (pocket sprung, memory foam, orthopaedic – the list goes on!) it’s easy to spend a good few hours browsing multiple different product ranges without knowing which option is best for you. Plus, how can you know if the shop that you are looking at is legitimate? It can all feel disheartening and overwhelming. Combine this with the inability to actually test out the mattress and feel the quality of the product, it makes it extremely difficult to know if you are buying the right mattress for your needs and customers can be left disappointed. 


This is why purchasing a mattress from a physical store is so beneficial. Trying your mattress before you buy it is really important. When you come to visit us in store you will be able to speak directly to our knowledgeable and friendly staff, who will talk you through all of your options and work with you on a personal level to help you find the perfect mattress to suit your needs. This takes away all the stress and confusion that you are faced with when shopping online. Plus, all of our products are tried and tested to ensure high quality standards are met, which means you won’t be faced with any disappointing surprises. 

The care that comes after purchasing the product online is another thing that customers find problematic. Trouble with deliveries and customer service are reported all too often. Speaking to a member of staff about your order can be a whole other challenge in itself with large and busy call centres proving difficult to get hold of. When purchasing with us, if a customer has any queries you can speak directly to a member of staff in store. We have a small team so sometimes the person that assists you in store is the same person that delivers the item.

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Our team have a fantastic knowledge of the local area and have a lot of experience delivering to locations that may be difficult other delivery services to reach. They will deliver you item to your room of choice and assemble items when requested. We also take away all packaging to reuse, rather than leaving it with our customers to dispose of.  

So if you are due a replacement mattress, instead of opening up your laptop, why not pop in to either our Stroud or Ross stores and we will happily help you find the perfect one without any added stress.