Why We All Should Try a Digital Detox


Our modern lives are full of screens. Televisions, computers, sat-navs, tablets – the list goes on. Of course, the recent advances in technology have had many benefits in terms of education, communication and creativity, but it’s no secret that there are negative impacts too. We’ve spoken before on our blog about how prolonged exposure to the blue light emitted from screens can have a negative impact on your sleep health, and there is an increasing amount of research emerging which links high levels of engagement with smartphones and multimediato metal health issues like anxiety and stress. This is probably why more and more of us are craving a step back from the digital world and are taking part in a digital detox.


If checking work emails first thing in the morning and last thing at night, scrolling through social media whenever we have a free second, and binge-watching Netflix series instead of getting an early night might all sound a little familiar, maybe it’s time to try taking a break from the digital world. Saymor Managing Director, David Say, and Marketing Manager, Sally Say, recently tried and tested a digital detox for themselves during a week away in Dartmoor. It’s safe to say the result was quite profound.

Sally said: “when we booked our cottage in Dartmoor we didn't think about the WiFi connection, but when we realised that it didn't have any we felt quite excited, a chance for a real escape from everything and it turned out to be a bonus! It’s made me appreciate how distracting it all is, what a habit it’s become to check my phone and how it effects my concentration and sleep. I know it’s a big no no, but invariably I end up looking at my phone when I go to bed instead of reading a book or magazine. It was great to be able to put it away and read a book and concentrate on one thing at a time instead of going down the worm hole of random internet searches...it felt like a break from daily life, a real holiday instead of my mind being half still at work. I'd definitely recommend it, and even say that a digital detox should be compulsory for everyone at least once a year...!”


They both returned to work feeling like they had a real break and were ready to get their teeth stuck back in, so there’s no doubt that returning to work feeling refreshed, replenished and full of energy helped to improve productivity too. Whilst the change of routine that comes with a holiday might make it easier to partake in a digital detox, there’s no reason why you can’t make small changes at home to start reducing your engagement with technology. For example, you might want to try making Sundays ‘digitally free’ by switching off your phone and spending time walking outdoors or eating a home-cooked meal with the family. Or, start to charge your phone outside of the bedroom in the week to cut out any temptation to check social media or emails before bed. Making simple, manageable changes like these to reduce your exposure to technology can make a big difference to your mind-set and your sleep health. 

With the summer fast approaching, why not think about taking part in a digital detox on your next holiday and make it a fun challenge for all the family? The Telegraph have some great tips on how to start, and stick to, a digital detox – check it out here

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