Scrapping Sustainably: our free disposal service

Saymor Furnishers delivery van parked outside

March is National Bed Month and we’re currently offering our popular free scrappage service. This means free disposal of your old furniture, free divan assembly, and free local delivery on all orders over £200. 

But as we all know, one of the biggest problems facing our planet today is landfill waste and climate change. As a family business, we’re always conscious of both the local and global environment. So, we wanted to take time to answer some questions that you might have about our free scrappage service, including our disposal process and the steps we take to reduce our impact on this wonderful planet. 


Cutting down on unnecessary waste is so important for our planet. That’s why we’re always encouraging our customers to purchase the best quality furniture that their budget allows. Buying poor quality furniture not only has a negative impact on your bank account, but also on the environment. It needs to be disposed of more often, meaning that more furniture ends up in landfill. Good quality products are built to last, so purchasing the best quality furniture that you can afford is a good step towards reducing unnecessary waste. 

 We also recommend that our customers take good care of their products. For mattresses this means vacuuming regularly, using a mattress protector if you can, and trying to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria by not allowing pets on the bed. 

Our new Eco Duvet range

Our new Eco Duvet range

Have you seen our new Eco Duvet range in stores? The duvets are 100% made from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, but they remain soft, light and fluffy, as well as being hypoallergenic and breathable. 


Of course, sometimes you might fancy a change to your interior, and this might mean disposing of furniture that still has some life left in it. Fear not! If we feel that old furniture is still in a reasonable condition, we donate the items to Ross Hospices. We love supporting the local area in this way and helping to reduce environmental waste at the same time.  


Delivering your new product and taking away your old one at the same time helps to reduce the amount of deliveries needed and therefore cut down on fossil fuel emissions from removal vans etc. If your old furniture has reached the end of its life, we use a reputable company that has a 99.9% recycling rate to dispose of the product. We try our absolute best to reduce the amount of waste that we send to landfill. 

We can all work together to help reduce the impacts of climate change on our wonderful planet. If your furniture needs replacing, pay us a visit this March and make the most of our free scrappage service.