New Year, Better Sleep


After a December filled to the brim with cheese, chocolate and turkey, the new year is always a time when healthy routines are at the forefront of our minds. Gym membership sales rocket and we ditch the cakes and chocolate in favour of plenty of green vegetables. But when you think of your general health, how often do you think about getting a good night’s kip?

A salad with avocado, chickpeas and tomatoes

According to the NHS, one in three of us suffer from poor sleep. Finding it difficult to concentrate and having a low mood are two well-known effects of insufficient sleep, however, the impact that it has on your physical and mental health can be a lot more serious. Regular poor sleep shortens your life expectancy and puts you at risk of medical conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Despite this, regular high-quality slumber is often neglected when we think of our overall health.

This year, we want to help you make sleep part of your healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips that can help you create a positive sleep routine and get the good quality slumber that we all need.

Wind Down

We’ve spoken before about the negative impact that blue light has on your sleep. The artificial light emitted from electronic gadgets such as phones, TVs and tablets tells your body that it’s still daytime and that you should be awake. So, before bed, why not ditch the electronics for alternative, traditional relaxation methods? Try incorporating light yoga stretches or a warm bath into your evening routine to help calm the mind and relax the muscles.

Cut the Caffeine

We all know that drinking a strong coffee before bed probably isn’t the best idea. Caffeine is a stimulant that promotes alertness. Studies have shown that drinking a lot of coffee, particularly in the afternoon and evening, can reduce your total sleep time at night and reduce the amount of deep sleep that you enjoy. If you’re a regular caffeine drinker, it might be worth considering reducing your caffeine intake and switching to herbal alternatives.

A bed with a coffee, book and pair on glasses

Create a Healthy Sleep Space

It’s important to have a bedroom environment that is clean, comfortable and conducive of sleep. Your bedroom should be tidy and at a comfortable temperature. It’s also important to minimize any external noise from sources like traffic (if this is a problem think about ear plugs) and ensure that there is no artificial light from sources like alarm clocks.

If your mattress is uncomfortable or over 7 years old, it’s time to replace it for a new one. We currently have some fantastic discounts as part of our winter sale so it’s the perfect time to pay us a visit and invest in your sleep health. Wishing all of our wonderful customers a healthy, happy, new year!