Sleep Natural: our range of natural mattress fillings

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Everyday we’re surrounded by a whole load of natural and synthetic materials. From clothing and bedding to carpets and homeware, the list of materials that are found in a modern home can be endless. At Saymor we take great care in selecting the materials that are present in our furniture to ensure that you’re supplied with a product that is both safe and durable.

As we spend around 25 years of our lives in bed, our range of mattresses is where we start. It’s really important to consider the materials that you’re coming in such close contact with on a daily basis. That’s why we’re happy to offer our Natural Collection of mattresses. All mattresses in this collection are NBF approved and made up of the best quality naturally occurring materials. We’ve given a breakdown of the fabrics that appear in our Natural Collection mattresses and how they can help make your bedroom a hygienic, comfortable, and natural haven of sleep.


Cotton is a versatile fibre that grows as a protective layer around the seed on a cotton plant. Well known for its breathable and cooling properties, cotton is the perfect fabric for drawing away moisture and keeping your sleep space fresh and dry. Why not take a peek at our Natural Elegance 1500 mattress, which includes an extra cool cotton filling on both sides.

Natural Elegance 1500

Natural Elegance 1500


Cashmere is a fine, soft wool that is obtained from the Kashmir goat. Renowned for its long-lasting nature, this fabric is considered to be the most luxurious natural fibre, creating a comfortable and cosy sleep environment. Plus, cashmere has fantastic thermo-regulative properties. This means you’ll be kept warm in winter and cool in summer.


Viscose is a natural fibre that is derived from the wood pulp of trees including eucalyptus, beech and pine.  As the fabric is made from plants, it is a renewable material and more sustainable than some synthetic alternatives. It is similar to cotton in look and feel, meaning that it is soft, breathable and absorbent.


Silk is a material that is naturally made by silkworms when creating their cocoons. For use in textiles, this fibre is then spun to produce fabrics. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, so for those who suffer with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin, it’s the perfect natural material for you. Have a look at our Jade Natural 3000 mattress, which includes a range of hypoallergenic fillings including cotton, silk and cashmere.

Jade Natural 3000

Jade Natural 3000


Wool is biodegradable, meaning that it is a naturally renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable fiber. Plus, its natural qualities mean that it is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew, and does not provide the humid conditions for dust mites to survive in your mattress.

For more information on our Natural Collection and to browse the full range, pop into one of our branches where a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff will be happy to help.