Mattress Protectors: why do I need one?

We know that purchasing a new mattress is a big investment. You spend a third of your life in bed, so it’s important that you buy the best mattress that your budget will allow to ensure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed, replenished and ready to tackle the day ahead. But once you’ve invested in a good quality mattress, what can you do to help protect your purchase? For us, the answer is simple: use a mattress protector.

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Mattress protectors have many benefits, including keeping your sleep space clean, reducing the impact of allergens, and safeguarding against damage. That’s why we’re the first to recommend this protective purchase to anyone buying a mattress. We’ve given a full breakdown of how your bedroom could benefit:

·      Mattresses are often damaged by a build-up of dirt, bodily fluids, and bed bugs. This can lead to stains and the growth of nasty bacteria. A mattress protector stops damage of this scale by forming a protective layer between the mattress and the yucky substances, hence prolonging its lifespan.

·      Cleaning a mattress is tricky. But, cleaning a mattress protector is simple. Pop it in the washing machine along with your weekly linen wash and rinse away any sweat, stains and unwanted crawlies. You’re left with a perfectly hygienic sleep environment, without nightmares of what’s lurking beneath.

·      Allergens can be a big problem in the bedroom. Dust mites thrive in humid, warm environments and beds are one of their favourite locations to set up home. Lots of people have allergies to these little critters, so when washed regularly, the protector can help to prevent a build-up of mites and stop them from becoming embedded beneath the surface.

·      Whilst a mattress protector shouldn’t be bought in lieu of replacing an uncomfortable mattress, some people also find that mattress protectors can provide an extra layer of comfort - an added bonus!

Hygienic, protective and comfortable: the benefits speak for themselves! We recommend protecting your investment with a mattress protector. We stock a selection of different types in store, so if you need any advice on which would be best for you, our friendly team of knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.