The Latest from the Somnex Sleep Show

This October the first ever exhibition dedicated to sleep health opened its doors to 10,000 visitors in London. The show exhibits exciting new products, interactive workshops, expert advice, classes and innovative technologies in the sleep industry. With The 2017 Great British Bedtime Report revealing that almost a third of us are getting a poor night’s sleep, the Somnex show aims to “bring the entire sleep industry together as well as generate better awareness around the impact of poor sleep for consumers and how they can improve it.” So, what can we learn from the show this year?


Firstly, it’s clear that sleep technology is still big business. With over 120 companies showcasing their latest products and new technologies, there are lots of handy inventions on the market that could make a positive impact on your sleep health. One product that proved popular at the show this year was the Zeez Sleep Pebble. You press a button on this pebble-shaped device and pop it under your pillow. It then starts to produce the alpha frequency that mimics the brainwaves of a good sleeper. This product has spent a decade in development and Zeez have reported that it has led to 80% of users sleeping better.


Yoga and Meditation

Another big topic at the show this year was yoga and meditation. It’s no secret that these practices are linked to healthy sleep. In fact, we’ve covered the benefits on our blog in the past. However, now more and more pieces of research are emerging showing how getting the mind and body ready for sleep by following these kinds of practices can be a powerful tool in improving sleep. Many classes were taught in these areas at Somnex this year, including sessions from expert teachers on the best yoga stretches, poses and breathing practices that help to promote heathy sleep. Other sessions included hypnotherapy for sleep and sound sensory experiences for sleep.



When it comes to sleep advice, there are an abundance of books on the market packed full of helpful tips and tricks. The show included talks from leading authors in the industry from all over the world. One book of particular interest is Sleep Sense: Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health, by sleep expert Dr. Katharina Lederle. In this book she offers practical advice, backed by research, on how you can achieve improved overall health by better sleep.


Of course, having a comfortable and supportive mattress remains one of the most essential aspects of good quality sleep. Pay us a visit to browse our wide range of mattresses and let us help you to find the perfect one for you.