Sleepy students: Why aren't our children sleeping?

There has been an increasing amount of coverage in the media on the importance of sleep. From public figures like Ariana Huffington leading the ‘Sleep Revolution’, to the introduction of specialist sleep apps, the importance of a good night’s kip is becoming more widely recognised. So why now, more than ever, is quality sleep at an all-time low in British children?

The number of children attending hospital with sleep disorders has tripled over the last decade, and there are serious health problems associated with this. Technology is considered the main culprit in depriving children of their much-needed slumber, with 80% of children in the UK now owning their own phone by the age of 12.

This newly found dependence on technology has made switching off before bed more and more difficult. For children, this lack of sleep can have a huge impact on how well they get on at school. Sleep Psychologist Dr Guy Meadows told The Guardian: “We need to recognise that sleep is one of the most powerful performance-enhancers known to humankind. If you are serious about your child’s academic performance, then schools and parents should be really helping them get good quality sleep on a regular basis.”

With the evenings getting longer, persuading children to start the bedtime routine while it’s still light outside can be a daily battle. Check out these tips from The Guardian on how to make your child’s bedtime stress free:

  • Create a calm sleep environment. A tidy and decluttered space can be more conducive of sleep

  • Avoid sugary and caffeine fuelled foods before bed

  • Reduce screen activity before bed. This includes phones, laptops and televisions

  • Have a set bed time and wake up time, even on school holidays and weekends

Of course, you should also make sure that your children have a good mattress to sleep on. Why not pop into one of our stores this Easter and our experienced sales staff will be able to find you the best mattresses for your family, so you can all have a great night’s sleep. Happy Easter!

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