Big Tick Approval for a Safe & Sound Sleep!

Buying a new bed is a big investment and it’s important to us that we provide you with the highest quality product. That’s why we’re excited about a new approval system that has been introduced by the National Bed Federation.

Bed manufacturers across the country must now undergo rigorous and independent audits in order to meet the new NBF Code of Practice. 

Lisa Artis from The Sleep Council said: “This is great news for consumers and we would urge anyone buying a bed to look out for the NBF’s new mark of approval – it’s designed to keep people sleeping safe as well as sound.”

Not only does this tick of approval mean that manufacturers are providing clean and honest products, it is also hugely important to the safety of the customer. If a bed does not meet strict British flammability regulations, it could prove fatal if ignited. The NBF approval means that customers can rest assured that they are getting both a safe and hygienic night’s sleep.

Jessica Alexander, Executive Director of the NBF said: “For reputable manufacturers, the NBF Approved logo is merely confirmation that they are – and always have been - following all the right procedures.”

For us, this is really important and we’re proud that all of our bed suppliers are National Bed Federation approved. This guarantees that we are providing customers with the best products possible.

Come into our stores and see the big tick approval logo for yourself!

Steele & Stovell