Beat the Summer Sniffles

Summer is finally here! The smell of freshly cut grass and blossoming flowers are a welcome change for some, but the increase in pollen count can have a serious impact on the day to day life of hay fever sufferers. For them, the excitement of summer is often accompanied with a dose of itchy eyes, congestion and sneezes. These allergies can make simple tasks like walking the dog a daily struggle, and during the night, it can have a serious impact on sleep quality.


Have a look at these tips on how to beat the summer sniffles and sleep well when allergies hit:

  • Sleeping with pets has become a lot more common over the years, but their fur can hold a high number of pollen particles. If your pet sleeps in your bedroom, ensure that they are well groomed and shampooed regularly.
  • Pollen particles can stick to your skin and hair throughout the day. Showering before bed and wearing clean clothes will ensure that the particles are removed from your body. Making sure that your bedding is changed regularly will also help to stop allergies flaring up at night.
  • Keeping the bedroom cool helps to create the ideal breathing environment. Air is easier to inhale if it is cooler as it is less humid and dense. Use a fan to ensure that the air is well circulated in your bedroom to help ease respiration. 
  • Hydration is key to a good night’s sleep, but this is even more important in the summer months. Drinking lots of water will help to relieve hay fever symptoms by thinning the mucus and reducing pressure in the sinuses.

The symptoms of hay fever can be debilitating enough without sleepless nights to top things off. With a bit of effort to reduce the pollen count in the bedroom and ease the hay fever symptoms, you can beat the sleep deprivation and make the most of the British summer!

Check out the full list of tips here:

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